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Developed specifically for use by the small scale sector. Capable of accepting a fluctuating and intermittent flow of extremely low pressure fluid, and distributing it repeatedly and accurately directly to planting stations. Inexpensive to manufacture and install this maintenance free apparatus requires no external power source to irrigate and fertilize small pockets of land accurately and efficiently .The Water Angel goes a long way to a more humane irrigation practice that is expected to become universally pervasive.

Eco Friendly

The Water Angel is an echo friendly jewel fitting the hand of echo friendly food production like a glove.
Designed to operate off renewable resources i.e. solar pumping, wind mill, treadle pump, hand pump, ram pump, small low head upstream sources, perimeter insect deterrent barriers, water conservation, labour conservation, organic fertigation.

Labour Saving Basic, labour friendly installation. Land preparation, clearing and orgaring exact dispensing positions. Exact watering points facilitate zero weeding and soil erosion. Relocation of the irrigator from site to site and fertigation requires one person for five minutes every half hour. Planting in bags ,green house propagation facilitates two to three low cost, low labour, low energy, zero plant damage, low risk crops a year. Efficient agriculture at the homestead and efficient hand and treadle pumping. Woman and children are the greatest beneficiaries of the Water Angels in field characteristics.

Market Potential Seed beds, market gardening, forestry nurseries, small scale food production, domestic waste water distribution, and fodder production. Land, water and human recourses can now be utilized to their fullest potential opening up vast markets.

Installation Conventional schemes require professional designs, installation and sophisticated infrastructures. The Water Angel will be supplied in kit form with a detailed installation and opperating manual, enabling the small scale farmer to comfortably install and operate his/her irrigation scheme.

Manufacture and Maintenance Plastic product, basic moulding factory. Steel product by semi skilled workers in a work shop equipped with basic tools . The Water Angel is committed to an inexpensive, easy to manufacture, maintenance free, durable product. Rotary and linear move irrigators are ready for production.

Security and Versatility Light weight and highly portable to secure storage daily. Intensive irrigation at the homestead. Construction and materials unattractive to thieves. Row and plant spacing require minor on site adjustments. Water and nutrient supply to individual planting stations can be adjusted by as little as 0.2 liters per station instantly.

Aiding the Woman and her Family These echo and energy friendly forms of irrigation are to become pervasive worldwide allowing the poverty stricken and aids sufferers to benefit from the production of food, herbs and fodder, the benefits to aids victims is enormous. These inventions and innovations go a long way to lighten the burden and greatly benefit woman and children globally.

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